This is a very simple book.

Think of using bold markers on paper and making an outline for your mind. Think of it as a framework for holding and jostling your thoughts about the future.

Admittedly, because this is only a framework and not a detailed treatise, many finer points need to be filled in with the colors of your mind. This then is the usefulness:

To help jog your mind into new inroads and to hop outside the boxes of old paradigms.

Donít think of it as a one-and-only way to see things, rather, use it as a starting point to reorder your vision - especially your vision of the future.

With that in mind, begin by taking a moment to relax and breathe deeply. Make your breathing deep and regular. Relax your mind. Keep repeating the word relax as your breathing deepens. Quiet your body. Quiet your mind. Breathe Deeply.

Once you feel relaxed and open . . . then answer this simple question:

What is the distance between Houston and Moscow?

With those thoughts in mind, take a moment and write down the answer that pops into your mind on a piece of paper.






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